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Blood Flow

boosts immunity


Improved Sleep

Learn to breathe

Assists Digestion


Inner Strength


Connective tissue

time for you

Boosts Memory


Every BODY can do it


relieves depression

healthy body image

Detox the body


Better Concentration

weight management

prevents injury

Assists Recovery

HIGHER Energy levels


increases Positivity




release tension

Tones the whole body



Bone health

Focus on the present

Stress less


anxiety relief



Reduces headaches


drainage of lymph

improve lung capacity



I'’m still quite new to yoga and from my very first class with Rachel, I’m hooked! She explains each pose very clearly and instantly makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I also took part in my first ‘bedtime’ yoga and I had the best nights sleep I ever had! I woke up the following morning feeling like a new person. I would recommend this type of yoga to anyone who struggles with sleep as it really made such a difference and I would be keen to do this again on top of my weekly classes'

‘I never thought I’d love yoga so much! I’d always done aerobic exercise but was then forced into doing nothing due to severe back and shoulder pain after an injury. Physio didn’t really help but she did recommend yoga, so I fairly reluctantly tried it. My back is massively improved and it helps enormously with the pain AND, magically, my horrendous tinnitus has disappeared from my left ear. It happened on my second week and hasn’t returned.’

‘Yoga isn't just for the ladies, it's for everyone!  Rachel doesn't put anyone under pressure in her classes and she creates such a relaxing atmosphere and she encourages people to listen to their body and do what they can’.

'Rachel has taught me on a 1-2-1 basis and with another student, the classes have been thoughtfully planned taking into account what we want to work on, and how our energy levels are on the day. The lessons are relaxed and put me totally at ease to ensure my mind and body get the most out of the flows and positions we are doing. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to try yoga for the first time or if you already do yoga an opportunity to take your yoga to the next level and try some more challenging flows and moves'.

‘I have had two 121's of yoga in my own home with Rachel so far and I am booking regular ones fortnightly, going forward. Rachel is a gentle, warm teacher with a great personality and direct, fun instructions. She tailored my classes exactly to what I required each time, pushing me gently to achieve my own personal goals without judgment or ego. Rachel put a lot of effort into my bespoke lesson and in just two sessions I improved greatly and felt stretched, toned and very relaxed!  Highly recommended’.

A class with Rachel is something I look forward to! Not only is it because of the welcoming and friendly face that greets you at the door, but also because of how she challenges you as well as adapting a class for special requests and needs! I certainly feel as though my time with Rachel has helped me progress and improve. I'm desperately trying to nail 'Pigeon Pose'! I take away the challenges set and practise in my own time.. I suppose it's like having 'homework' that is FUN!  A session in the 'Zen Den' makes any worries and negativity disappear - I come out feeling AMAZING! Rachel is knowledgeable and very dedicated to her practise as well as her students. Thank you for all you have done so far.. looking forward to many more lessons!

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