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Ohm & Gong

In 2020 I completed my Gong Practitioner Training under the expert tuition of Paul Dane, founder of Gong Space UK and I have incorporated my love of yoga and sound healing to bring to you "Ohm & Gong'!

Friday dates - 17th May and 21st June - Summer Solstice Special (7:30pm to 9pm)

Sunday dates - TBC (4pm to 5:30pm)

Venue ~ East Hagbourne Pavilion, Great Mead, East Hagbourne, Didcot OX11 9BN

The sound of the gong reaches the body on a cellular level, encouraging integrated healing of the body, mind and spirit. No experience is required ~ bring a pillow, blanket and warm clothing ~ come in your PJ's if you like and roll straight into bed afterwards.

Investment in you is £25

Booking required as numbers are limited. Click here to book or drop me an email me to reserve your space ~


Some frequently asked questions and answers....

What is a gong bath?

Firstly you don't need to bring swimwear, no water is involved!  Simply wrap yourself up in a blanket, lie back on your pillow, close your eyes, relax enjoy the healing sound waves.


What to expect from a gong bath.

A gong bath is an individual and private experience, everyone experiences something different.  Just come along with an open mind and be ready to relax and let whatever be, be!  It is entirely up to you if you want to share your experience with me or keep it to yourself. 


How does a gong bath 'work'

It depends how your mind works... now there's a question!

Can anyone come to a gong bath?

If you have any of the following conditions or diagnosis I would recommend you chat to me prior to booking a gong bath.  Not suitable during pregnancy, caution should be noted if you have epilepsy, tinnitus, Ménière's disease or any condition which is sound sensitive or could be triggered by sound.   Not recommended if you have a pacemaker or other metal implants or a serious mental health condition.  If you have any queries about the suitability of a gong bath feel free to contact me.

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