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to my blog, thank you for stopping by to take a look. Whether it be on the mat or off the mat, you know I like to set an intention or two and my intention for this space is to share thoughts, ideas, themes I have used for classes and postures (with alignment cues) with you, there will probably be some other bits and bobs along the way ~ a feature or two from you Yogis would be just awesome, tell me about your yoga journey and I will share it, it might be that you were anxious about stepping on the mat and then realised, wow, I had nothing to worry about, or that yoga has helped you physically, mentally or emotionally - whatever it might be, share that journey with others, you never know it may encourage someone to step on the mat and find the magic that IS yoga!

A mahoosive thank you to Mr Geof. Hunter, the creative yogi, who I shall be eternally grateful to for sharing his talent with us, he is the genius behind my logo and the characters (Betty and David) who will guide you through your practice - pretty cool, right?

A whopping Namaste to you all and if there is anything you want to see on the blog, just let me know. Love, Rachel x


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