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Hey there, missing your yoga class?  Me too, but like most challenges we can overcome them, so welcome to online Yoga or Voga (video yoga - I will not take credit for that, a yogini who comes to classes was the creative genius behind that name). Please see below the timetable of online classes available at the moment, my ears are, as always, are open to suggestions to what you want and need at the moment. There are heaps of pre-recorded online classes out there, which is great, however having experienced an online class with a fellow yoga teacher last week, seeing a familiar face and knowing you are practicing with others, just feels so darn good right now, that sense of yoga community keeping us smiling, so join me ~ side by side, hand in hand, we all stand together (virtually or otherwise)!

Just click on 'book now' for whichever class you would like to join, complete the short form and I will be in touch as soon as I can with full details of how to join the live session - simple!  Check your spam and junk folders for the email as I often end up there!

Payment ~ All online classes are £5 per class. However, If you are self employed, financially struggling or have lost your job please let me know and I will sort a way to get free yoga to you, please don't be embarrassed to ask, it's called Karma Yoga and I am happy to practice it. 

Thursday 20th August

6:15pm to 7:15pm

Beginners Yoga

Monday 24th August

6pm to 7pm

Vinyasa Flow

Monday 24th August

7:30pm to 8:30pm

Mellow Out Monday

Tuesday 25th August

6pm to 7pm

Hatha Flow

Wednesday 26th August

10:30am to 11:30pm

Gentle Yoga

Thursday 27th August

6:15pm to 7:15pm

Beginners Yoga

No classes Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August 

New class timetable including face to face classes starting 1st September, email coming to you soon

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 Can I get a whoop whoop! 

Mondays - Vinyasa - 6pm to 7pm

A different class each week, fun filled flow with challenges for those that want them.  My first love in practice was Vinyasa, it quietened my chattering mind, challenged my body and gave me an hour in the present moment.


Here's what Yogini Claire says ~ "Rachel’s Vinyasa is great exercise for body and mind. There are always options for postures depending on how challenging you want your flow to be. Her classes are friendly and welcoming with no pressure or judgement. The best hour of self-care you can ask for".


Mondays - Mellow Out Monday - 7:30pm to 8:30pm

I see this class as a great big hug to yourself, yin style yoga, meditation, breath work, sprinkled with yoga philosophy for those who want to chill out and embrace ALL things that are yoga.


Here's what Yogini Sian says ~ “Mellow out Monday Yoga should be experienced by everyone! It's slow, calm, gentle & the poses bring a complete body & mind relaxation. Finished off with a meditative savasana which will have you snuggled into bed within minutes - delicious!” 


Tuesdays - Hatha Flow - 6pm to 7pm

A different class each week, suitable for all levels, beginners included.

Here's what Yogini Amy says ~ "I have been attending beginners yoga on a Thursday for about a year and from the comfort of my own living room have even been brave enough to try Tuesday's Hatha flow class as well, which has now, with beginners on a Thursday, become a staple in my week. It is the perfect progression from beginners and even though it is virtual, Rachel gives clear instruction and support so I feel able to progress myself and try new things. I feel like a new woman every time I step off my mat at the end of the sessions! Best therapy for the mind and body there could possibly be! Come get your Voga (virtual yoga) on!" 


Wednesdays - Gentle Yoga - 10:30am to 11:30pm

Your midweek gift to yourself, ease into posture, chill your beans and give yourself a good old stretch out.


Here's what Yogi Geof says ~ "I can’t think of a better way to ease into a Wednesday than with Rachel’s online Gentle Yoga class. This is ideal for anyone who thinks that they’re too old/unfit/overweight/inflexible to ‘do yoga’ - there are no extreme twists or balances you see in the magazines to put you off (we’ve all seen those perfect, Lycra clad bodies!). Rachel welcomes you with a friendly smile and encourages you to work at YOUR level. She talks you through every stage, always giving you at least three depths to every pose (this gives you the opportunity to either stay where you feel comfortable, or try to push yourself a little bit if you fancy more of a challenge) and most importantly, she is never patronising or judgmental about the level you choose for yourself, just supportive and positive at all times. So if you’ve ever thought about starting yoga but never quite got around to it, or you’re a seasoned yoga veteran who fancies a lovely gentle practice then I’d recommend this class every time. I started with Rachel as an unfit, paunchy 60 year old who hadn’t even considered yoga before and now attend up to 4 classes a week"!


Thursdays - Beginners Yoga - 6:15pm to 7:15pm

This is what it says on the tin, beginners yoga, whether you have never stepped on the mat before or this is your 1,000 practice, this is yoga for ALL and encourages you to harness the beginner's mind.


Here's what Yogini Ruth says ~ "Thursday beginners yoga with Rachel is giving your mind and body the time off from life in the most trusting and serene way. Rachel is expert in making the postures accessible for all. I race for my mat on Thursday knowing for the next hour Rachel has got it covered"

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